Who's selling MP3s and/or ringtones? What are my options?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wwwill, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. wwwill

    wwwill Guest

    I'm just wondering how small artists are selling from their websites. I want to start offering downloads.

    For MP3 downloads I have briefly looked at:
    PayLoadz Express express.payloadz.com/
    Don't know much about it.

    Soundclick soundclick.com/
    Seams pretty expensive; downloads are $0.75, I get $0.37 (~50%)

    Broadjam broadjam.com/
    Seems like they host your files.

    They seem to have a great selection of house, which is our genre.

    For ringtones I would like to have the option of access directly from phones. Something like those "text STAR to 54467" types.

    Anyone with some resources?
  2. wwwill

    wwwill Guest

  3. wwwill

    wwwill Guest

    Anyone here.....

  4. Effero

    Effero Guest

    Try artists-first.net, although it's easier if you have a label to back you up, since they will do promotion, graphics etc...
  5. wwwill

    wwwill Guest

    Thanks for the reply. I'll check them out. I think with our web site we may be able to handle quite a bit of promotions. My partner helps run another label so he has distribution contacts. Hopefully that works.
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