Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by sparx, Sep 20, 2001.

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  1. sparx

    sparx Guest

    Hi I'm new here, heard of this site through a friend, maybe someone may be able to help me. :)

    I'm running a Celeron 800MHz, 256 RAM.

    PART 1

    I am Currently running Cubase 5.0 (PC version).

    I love the software but recently the software has be randomly throwing my audio recordings totally off beat. Every 10 minutes I have to close and re-open Cubase so it may record on time again. This has been a huge nagging pain... Some have told me maybe my sound card (ISIS PRO) is not in sync with the software, or maybe it is my computer... but until now I haven't found any answers.

    I've even ran a recording test in COOL EDIT and I never have this problem... ONLY in Cubase, could someone please help me out, you would be a great help. *A friend of mine is also have the same problems so I know this isn't just a freak incident* :)


    PART 2

    I am also trying to sync my Korg Triton with Cubase *Korg is the slave*
    , I have been very successful except for one thing....

    When I press the stop button in cubase to stop the recording, my Triton will automatically reset it sequencing counter to 0, therefore if I want to pick up recording in say the 3 bar of the sequence I can't because no matter where I stop then play the sequence restarts. I hope what I've said is making sense, if not please let me know and I can explain better :)

    I guess what I am trying to say is how to I get Cubase to juss say *pause* the sequence, so I may record where I left off in relation the beat, instead of the Cubase resetting the Korg's clock counter.

    I know I've asked a lot but, if anyone has the know please help me out, I'm going nuts over here!

    Once again, Thank Very Much,

  2. alvakorn

    alvakorn Guest

    I've had it happen as well. I reboot and then all is well for maybe a few weeks. It seems like it happens after the PC has been running for a long time with other apps open, and then I go into cubase and start recording midi tracks.
  3. alvakorn

    alvakorn Guest

    (My reply was meant for part 1 btw)

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