WHY NO Digital Performer?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by LeroyGodspeed, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Ive been looking around at everyones posts... and it doesnt look like many people use Digital Performer?? I wonder why that is??
    I know protool is the industry standard. and honestly, i have no beef with protools... in fact, i learned on pro-tools, i LOVE pro tools! It was just an act of God that i started on Digital Performer. After experiencing it... i cant believe more people dont use it.

    This is a message for anyone looking to get a new Audio Program. Check out DP 4.5. They are MADE for Macs and utilize all of mac components better than any other software out there!! (with the acception of Logic... but in DP's defence, Logic is unstable). Digital Performer is amazing because it is 100% COMPATABLE with protools... protools sessions, plug-ins, EVERYTHINg. Accept it offers soo MUCH more than protools. The BEST sequencer out there, Audio recording, editing and mixing (and is more user friendly than protools...) and works seemlessly with film. Perhaps that is why Lord of the Rings and the Matrix were both made with help of DP.

    I just want anyone who has a mac and is serious about a good DAW to look into Digital performer... its a shade more than protools but has way more features. The audio side of DP is infact set up the same way as protools... so you dont really loose anything.

    Ive done 2 albums on Cakewalk, 3 on protools LE, 2 on Pro tools HD, one on Logic and am on my 3rd with Digital Performer... out of all of them... DP is the most powerful, stable, user friendly and... well aesthetically pretty;-)
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    i've been looking into daw software and have pretty much narrowed it down to DP. you're telling me that i can send sessions between DP and PT without a hitch (except for plug ins i would imagine)? i'm sold.
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    I use DP 4 and I love it!!!
  4. pro Tools and Digital Performer act as one

    oh hell yeah...

    in DP4 you could do that... and now DP 4.5 added more compatability. EVEN PLUGINS!! as long as you are running the same ones... but RTAS and TDM protools plugins work with Digital Perfomer.

    You can export your session (DP) to Protools... and open a protools session in DP without having to do ANYTHING! its one of the new features with DP4.5 .... they also have added support with Digidesign hardware (digi 002...)

    so you can use a Digi 001 or 002 or whatever and use Digital Performer!
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    DP 4.5 Pros & Cons

    Hey LeroyGodspeed,

    That is quite the endorsement of DP. I was using an old version of Audio desk but went to VST/32 because I wanted some more options and wanted to get some "cheapie" , readily available plugins to try out right away. Financial constraints had me opting for VST at $169. Now I am rethinking my options. Is there a host application I'll need to let me use VST Mac plugins with DP 4.5?

    More thorns to consider, I am using a PCI-324 card and would have to upgrade to a 424 if I go with DP 4.5 and stick with my 2408 MKII & 1224 from Motu...See where this is going? I upgrade one my recording software & the domino effect begins - scary! :shock:

    Ideas are welcome!
  6. AU's

    what plug-insdoes VST use? audio units? apple? I know DP 4.5 works with both of those... i'm guessing your talking about apple plugins. DP actually comes with them now...

    as for you sound card, upgrade questions...

    indeed it is a domino effect. that is how things go... but one think i learned from my schooling... "its worth it to invest in the best technology of the time" it will let you create at the SPEED OF THOUGHT. that is priceless.

    So to answer part of your question, DP will probobly handle whatever plugins your talking about (check motu.com or just shoot me the spicifics and i'll check it out)... and DP also can work hand in hand with VST. ive used it before... Use DP as your main engine and VST as an extra waveform editor, it has that option and its easily accessable.

    hope that helps you answer the grand question...
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    Mar 19, 2003
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    I use it, but it's currently my secondary DAW, my primary is Logic7.

    I like it.

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    How does it compare to the Logic Notation? Haven't used Logic since 5.5.

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    DP 4.5 & VST & soundcards

    Hey LeroyG,

    Thanks once again for your thoughts. Yes I'm using a Mac and AU is not an option until I go with OS X. I have it, but have have been working with older software to avoid the whole "out with the old system" thing. Within 10 months I expect to sell my DAW down to the last input. As I understand it the audio units format simplifies working with midi which would be nice.

    Well, I guess the whole thing will turn on the soundcard that I choose. So please everyone post your best sound card suggestion(s). I will be getting a preamp in about 3 months to complement the soundcard.

    Thanks to all! :!: [/u]
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    Mar 19, 2003
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    DP has integrated support for MOTU hardware, they are made for each other.

    I have an original 828 with my Powerbook, works fine with all of audio and video apps.

  11. I've been with DP since v 2.7 and I stay current. I love DP right there with ya Leroy!
  12. oh, and stereomaus, I went from a pci-323to a pci-424 and kept my motu 2408 mk II and old 24i. they work perfect still. I'm sure that motu has caught up with back orders since my initial hell in ordering mine but you might wanna check. motu's business line is 617 576 2760 (they didn't list that there was back order on-line when I ordered:(
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    MOTU will upgrade your PCI-324 to a 424 for $295.


    To use VST plugs with DP you need a VST wrapper. I use the one by FXpansion.


    I've used DP since the 1980's. It's da schnizzle.

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