Will Eurorack UB502 mixer help to solve my problem?

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by Kur, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Kur

    Kur Guest

    Hi everyone,

    My problem is I am looking for a way to hook up my headphones to my audiophile 2496 sound card and produce/mix music at late nites, when I won't disturb anyone with noise.

    My friend suggest that I should buy a cheap mixer, like Eurorack UB502 and run the audiophile 2496 soundcard to the small mixer, which has enough connections for my monitors and headphone.

    My concern is it looks like UB502 doesn't have the volume where i can control headphone volume. My pair of krk rp5 have the volumes themselves, so it doesn't concern me.

    I'm pretty much a newbie and hope for some advice on what to do, what to buy in order to solve my problem.

    thank you all for your help. kur
  2. Hardtailed

    Hardtailed Guest

    I have a UB802, it's a piece of crap but yeah it also doubles as an headphone amp. It has a headphone volume, I don't know about the UB502 though, I bet it does (assuming it has a headphone out).

    I think Behringer is coming out with an even cheaper dedicated headphone amp (the new mini serie of cheap pos)

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