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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by DocRoc, Aug 27, 2007.

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    I plan on doing a major overhaul to my current recording setup. Please let me know if you see any holes in my plan or any devices /systems that may not be compatible. There will essentially be 3 stations and I would like them all to be compatible (through external hard drives and/or my fostex 2424). To further complicate things, I have access and plan to use a 2nd studio that currently uses a DM2000 to an Alesis HD24 (and NO DAW).

    1. Live Recording - I plan to utilize my Fostex D2424 in a more thorough Live Recording setup.
    Splitter - (http://www.whirlwindusa.com/split.html)
    SB20PT11G - 20ch w/tfmr and gnd lift
    -1 50ft 24 ch xlr snake for me
    -1 15ft 24 ch xlr snake for venue
    Console - a DM1000 and a Presonus Digimax FS
    HD Recorder - Fostex D2424

    2. Studio - Expanding/Upgrading my current studio setup that includes "Pro Tools LE with a 002 on a G5 using 0SX" and "Pro Tools | 24 with an 882 on a G4 using OSX". I currently run through a Soundtracs Topaz 32 in the studio.
    I plan to replace the Topaz with a DM1000 and upgrade the LE station to HD1 or HD2. What Pro Tools interface would be best for me to utilize the HD setup with the dm1000? Was thinking the 192 Digital i/o. Was also thinking of adding the Presonus DigiMax FS that I buy for the Live Recording setup for when I need an additional 8 analog mics inputs through the studio DM1000. I would then need to buy the ADAT expansion card for both the DM1000 AND the 192, correct? Do you see anything I'm missing here? Any better ideas?

    3. Home Recording - As I live an hour from my studio, I would like to be able to do basic mixing/editing/tinkering around at my house and therefore would like to start building this setup.
    I plan on bringing in one of my studio Pro Tools rigs and upgrading that to HD1 as well. The Live Recording DM1000 would live here for Pro Tools control.
    What Pro Tools interface should I use for this station (I will be doing minimal, if any, tracking here)?

    OR, for my home studio, I may just build a seperate custom mobile DAW so that i can bring that into the DM2000/HD24 studio I spoke of previously, and/or use that for mobile tracking instead of the Fostex 2424.

    I know this is a TON of information and questions, but I greatly appreciate your time. What errors do you see in my thinking so far?

    Thank you!

    Ross Neptune
    Noise Gate Audio, LLC
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