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    Ok so I've ran into this problem ever time I've made a movie. I will eventually run into working on a day where the wind sucks and totally distorts the audio. The bad thing is it is present all over the audio. I always have to cut a ton of low end and doctor the rest so at least some is audible. Then I use a reverb to at least widen the little audio I still have. It sounds better but does anyone know a better way to correct this?
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    What kind of mic are you using? There are foam and fuzzy windscreens for most mics commonly used in video and film. Try [URL="link removed Photo and Video[/URL].
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    Have a look a Rycote wind shields.
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    +1 on Rycote Blimp. Also look at the Deadcat.
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    Try putting a sock over your microphone. Make sure you haven't been wearing it otherwise a singer might think that your microphone stinks.

    That's why they call it a wind sock. That's what the original was. A dead cat or a fox may also be used. Although I recommend foam or one of those very fuzzy fake for types.

    Omni directional microphones don't suffer from as much wind noise out of doors.

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