Windows PC's designed by Digidesign for Pro Tools

Discussion in 'Computing' started by innersoul2k, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. innersoul2k

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    I have been looking for any feedback on these systems. I ead about them on the Digidesign website. I am thinking about going from Apple to the PC and found the M6-R to be quite interesting. They are built by Terra Digital Audio, www, Or let me know if you have another suggestion. I use Pro Tools HD on a Power Mac G4.
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    I just dont see why you would buy what they say is a "pro tools" PC..

    I went out and bought my parts and put it together for around 1100 for everything listed below plus a Acer 19" monitor:)

    So if your someone who has money 2 burn go for it. But if you want value..just build it yourself. You dont need to be smart, you just need to buy the OS unlike many PC gurus that warez everthing(not pay for)...

    But if you think about what you could make for a similar price well..your gonna get better performance. (building it) if you pay for it to be will come ready. But you gonna get a lot less out of it.

    PM if you have any questions on how to build it.
  4. innersoul2k

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    Response to the AMD System

    Hello Datatwist,

    Thank you for your response. After looking around, asking alot of questions, and getting feedback, I ordered the Terra Digital M6-R. And here is why:

    -I do not not know how to Build a PC like you, I wish I could. I imagine most Apple users will be like me.

    -After adding up the components and looking at the competition, the M6-R, is priced right, and was the lowest priced machine offered from established music PC makers.

    -I was sold on the fact that Digidesign did all the testing and only approved this machine. Who better to know about compatibility issues for Pro Tools HD then Digi.

    -I like the idea of an "Out the Box" solution that will work period! I hire session musicians that are not cheap. I cannot afford to have issues during a session.

    -I will get technical support for one year if I have problems. I would be lost with the PC on my own.

    -I read about users having problems with PC's based on motherboard chipsets that were not compatable. It scared me. Like I said, I am not technical, just a studio producer and musician who creates music for a living. And I imagine that will be the case with lots of Apple users that change from Apple to PC. Next year Apple will start using Intel chips. This is my way of getting to the PC faster.

    Again, you are a sharp person who is technical like other PC users. I do want to thank you for the input, it was great, and for some people a solid solution. I will keep you posted.

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