Windows ReadyBoost (e.g.) ---> Plug-ins?

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  1. Windows Vista claims to have a feature (ReadyBoost) that can utilize USB thumb drives as RAM.

    I don't use Vista, but I know copycat programs exist that will allow you to do this in non-Vista systems. Has anyone who's tried this noticed any significant improvements in CPU management? Moreover, would there be any way to delegate resources to handle specific processes, like plug-ins only?
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    Readyboost only speeds up access to files (i.e. dll's) in windows vista. (if your media you use it on is actually fast enough).

    It does not speed up processing of the programs or plugins. It only loads them faster into memory.

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    IMO it would increase the amount of RAM you have, and would be faster than virtual memory, but...USB 2.0 is slower than real RAM. So while you can load more plugins, you're not helping matters because it takes longer for the plugin code to get from RAM to the CPU.

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