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    We have a wine cellar. The cellar tunnel it is cicrca 16 meters long 6 meters wide and 6 meters high. The acoustic of this place is great. Have no noise and have beautiful echo. I would like make a sound record about a nylon string and steel string guitar and singing voice. What technique are recommended to make a sound record in a cellar? (Or in any half tube shaped place)

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    Not totally sure, but aren't most wine cellars built so they are up to 75% Humidity or more.
    Do you have a hygrometer?

    I'm only wondering if high humidity might affect the response of capacitor mics?
    Because, the dielectric properties of air change with humidity.
    Maybe they would settle in after running with phantom power on for a bit?

    Acoustical guitars made of wood will most certainly be affected by high humidity.
    At first they will not want to stay in tune, but in time they will also settle to the new environment.
    If the change is too drastic from their norm, it will change the action on neck.

    I am interested to find out what it turns out like, as far as sound. Please post your findings.

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