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    "It’s getting noisy out there. The FCC changeover to digital television and reallocation of the 700MHz band will bring a rush of newcomers into the bands currently utilized by the professional AV industry. The license auctions begin in January, 2008, and the battle lines have been drawn. As the RF neighborhood gets busier, it’s vital for wireless system owners and system integrators to know how their reception works, and to use the best techniques to install antenna systems for the best performance possible.

    Diversity reception has been the top single technology development in bringing professional level performance to wireless mic systems, but how well do most system buyers and installers understand it and all of its variations? The time to know that information is now. At the same time, powerful forces are moving behind the scenes in the halls of Congress, and the outcome could mean millions of dollars won or lost.

    What are the technology alternatives to the present wireless systems in the contested bands? AV veteran and wireless technology expert Bennett Liles walks you through the challenges and innovations that together could spell success or defeat for wireless system users in the coming months.

    Who should attend:

    System integrators
    Technical directors and users in corporate
    This online educational session, hosted by Sound & Video Contractor is completely free!

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