Wiring a wall plate - still slightly confused....

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by realtwang, Dec 4, 2005.

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    I'm just a little confused on the correct way to wire the Neutrik Combo Jacks in my vocal/amp booth wall plates. They are XLR/TRS combo jacks. Pin setup is listed below:

    XLR Pins: 1, 2, 3
    TRS Pins: TN, RN, SL
    Other Pins: G

    Here are my questions:

    1) I have 3 pins for TRS and 3 pins for XLR. I know that those need to be matching, but can I simply wire it with one 2-conductor shielded mic cable, and then jump the terminals from XLR to TRS, or is it better to wire 2 seperate cables (XLR-XLR & TRS-TRS)?

    2) There's an extra ground pin. What the heck do I do with that? Do I jump to it from the "sleeve" pin, or do I connect with a totally seperate ground wire?

    Thanks in advance for your help on this.
  2. stickjam

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    I wired up a bunch of those in my room. IIRC, it's the T, R, and S lugs that bear the signals from a TRS plug. TN, RN, SN are switching connectors for normalling (eg, TN = "Tip Normaling") When you don't have a 1/4" plug inserted into it, the switches are closed--T connected to TN, etc. When you insert the plug, they disconnect. The switches only work for 1/4" plugs. Inserting an XLR don't affect the normalling switches. (I wish it did--I wanted to use those for a panel of normally hard-wired mic connections that could be overridden by plugging a mic cable into it. Oh well...)

    If you are running it to a device that has both line and mic inputs and provides a means to switch between them other than the act of unplugging the line input plug, I'd run separate cables for XLR and TRS. Otherwise, just strap 2 to T, 3 to R and 1 to S and run one.

    The G is the XLR shell connection. (Sadly, the ones I have don't actually have a lug in the space marked GN -- it may have come in handly for controlling a switching circuit to make it do what I wanted.)

    Hope that helps

  3. realtwang

    realtwang Guest

    So, if I'm understanding correctly, dont use the normalling pins at all, just the T,R,S? Do the T,R,S pins conduct both the XLR and TRS?
    Also, are you saying wire Pin G to Pin G, or jump to the sleeve pin?
  4. realtwang

    realtwang Guest

    OK -- I had to get the project done last night, so I took a guess. I did jump the pins 1, 2, & 3 to SN, TN, & RN (respectively). I left the ground pins alone. It works like a charm! Phantom power works fine, and you can stick an XLR in one side and a TRS in the other, and it transfers straight through. Thanks all for your help.

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