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  1. Hey all, i have a wiring question. I want to hook in my old analog board into my system. mostly for the inputs, i wil be then, sending the sigal via direct outs, (rca) to my motu. Now, the channel strips on this board, have 1/4 in xlr in tape in insertion 1/4. then, it has direct out RCA.

    I am going to be making my own wires. but, i just want to know, if there is anything, i need to worry about, like, signal loss, interferance, etc....do i just go ahead and wire it up? is this the best way to go?

    thanks all!
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    How I used to use mine (before I got a new setup)was I ran 1/4s from my ALT/3-4 out (mackie,behringer, etc. have these) which is activated upon pushing the mute button on each channel that way I could still monitor and select only the channels I wanted to go to the computer.
    which at the time was RCAs into my computer. And it seem to work just fine, this gives you more control than the tape outs I felt. Hope this helps :D
  3. sorry, if my question wasnt so clear. I know what way in want to go, but, i am wondering, my direct outs on my board, are rca. now, i am going to have to make my own rca male to 1/4 inch male. What i am asking is, is, this going to give me any loss of signal, /distortinon/anything of the like? should i buy my own wiring? or make it?

    Or, is it better to go out of the inserts? Am i right in understanding, that hitting the inserts, will give you the pre only, and, hitting the direct outs , will give you the faders, and the EQ?

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    Yes, go out of the inserts. You are correct. And if the mixer you have is using RCA and such, then putting your signal thru the whole channel will probably contribute more noise. Even better, do a test. Run a signal in to your recorder via insert sends and then try it with the direct out.

    I wouldn't describe the using of RCA connectors as causing signal loss or distortion, they are just flakey connecters. Oh and I wouldn't be making the cables myself really. IMHO, that is only worth doing if you are really good at it. I tried it on a couple multitrack snakes for my home setup, and I found that I didn't really save that much money, spent HOURS soldering, and ended up with cable no better than what you would buy. When you buy a cable, it has been terminated by someone who is "in the groove", bam bam bam solder it fast and right the first time. And that's how it has to be.

    Good luck, oh and stay away from the Hosa RCA to 1/4".... they have always failed me before too long
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