Wiring up hardware: EQ, Compressor & 4 Preamps

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    I record my Midi performances on my Yamaha Motif ES into a Sweetwater Creation Station DAW. I record with Sonar using an Edirol FA-66 soundcard (audio interface), and running Receptor with the Komplete libraries (which utilize Kontakt as a plug-in soft synth within Sonar). I'm lucky enough to have an Avalon Equalizer, an Avalon compressor and four Avalon preamps, but I need help in wiring these into my studio. I had a tech-wise friend wire my studio 4 years ago, but have since moved and changed PC's, and keyboard and Midi setup, now thqt Firewire rids me of all the wires I used to have. But I can't remember how he wired the EQ, compressor and preamps which improved my sounds so nicely. The Avalon equipment is real clear and fairly easy to adjust. I don't want to get into software, especially when I have such nice gear just sitting here. Please, HELP. Where in the signal path should these cool pieces be placed and how do I cable up?
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    I keep reading this over and over. Where have a seen this block of text before?

    Once, like way back when I read it the first time I was hoping someone would help you out.

    But now....

    I dunno...

    I'd suggest plugging it all in and seeing if it does what you want it to do. If it doesn't try a different way.
    Make sure you don't do anything stupid along the way.

    Although, I'm not known for my helpfulness, someone else may be able to help but they could be deterred because of the double if not triple posting...
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    Do what greener says, but here's a tip: Preamps are the first stop for a signal from a microphone.
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