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Discussion in 'Recording' started by billblues, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. billblues

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    how can i use a commercial cd to play along with to lay down the rythym tracks at the same time, but only recording what i do to tape. how do i synch up ahead of the cd for a cue.can a click track be put into a monitor mix along w/ a commercial cd.of course the recordings are just for private study. because i'm playing all the instruments myself.i want to start from the original recording of the commercial cd to build my rythum tracks and cop some the artists vibe any suggestions?? plz help
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    well,,, if you're recording digitally, it should be easy. what are you using to record with? please list software, interface, how many inputs/outputs etc... if you're not using a computer, it'll be trickier, but i'd say you just record a click to the rhythm of the song, and put it perfectly 4, 8, whatever beats before the song starts and start playing. with something like logic/cubase/protools/DP/nuendo/etc... it's easy to do that. you just need the proper hardware in order to record, which can be little if you're not worrying about sound quality.
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    I've done it in the digital domain. I had a band come in and cover a Pantera tune. I imported the song as a stereo track and let it play while tracking the drums. Talk about a tight performance?!?
  4. billblues

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    wow you guy's really do monitor the new posts recording mediums so for are a old tascam portastudio 246 for rehearsing and a yammy aw16g which is still in the box for portability purposes'but i haven't logged any time on it yet.i'm piecing my studio together which consists of soundcraft ghost 24le and probably a alesis hd24xr down the road.well getting back to my original question{?????}lets say I want to use my tascam 246 for the monitor mix in the headphones.I should first record my commercial cd in stereo to my tascam with a long blank lead in???????? whats the best way to synch a metronome/click to the front end on a different track. the counter on the tascam is operable but i just don't get the bpm on the lead in quite right!!!!!!!!!!
  5. billblues

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    sorry bpm is right but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my bpm is right but it's never 100% in synch with the recorded track{commercial cd}

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