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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by Peter Eder, May 19, 2010.

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    May 19, 2010
    Hello everyone!

    I've searched very long for the right workflow. The resulting workflow can be described not as complete and is constantly evolving. When I look back, as clueless as I worked with Wavelab at First, I must laugh about me - or even ashamed. And maybe I will the current, in turn, smile again.

    At first I recorded with Audacity and cut with Wavelab Essential. Then I learned - slowly - to work with Wavelab: Level change, Parametric EQ, time correction, rendering. A great weapon for audio processing!

    Wavelab is certainly not the only software that can be used for audio books / radio plays. It would be very nice if all the various production processes, will be published.

    So I put my workflow completely open and hope that many more will follow.

    1. Script writing - numbering, sentence separation, a sense of separation, the main emphasis, minor emphasis,information.
    2. Recording - voice warm-up, short session, 32-bit format.
    3. Cut - provisionally (distance from waste material), cut (cut-set / AKG-K271MKII – AKG-K702), 32-bit format.
    4. Backup - original cut CD and external hard drive.
    5. Rendering (audio-editing) - appropriate plugin-setting (fine-tuning with all available headphones), rendering, 32-bit format.
    6. Mastering - harmony 1 (AKG-K271MKII), 32-bit format.
    7. Backup - original cut CD and external hard drive.
    8. Rendering (volume) - brickwall limiter (or a similar plug-in), 32-bit format.
    9. Mastering - harmony 2 (UV22 HR / AKG-K702MKII), 32-bit format.
    10. Backup - original cut CD and external hard drive.
    11. Rendering (CompaktDiskNorm) - dithering, 16-bit format, 44100 Hz.
    12. MP3 conversion – >>I use the switch sound file converter.<<
    13. End - Original CD

    This is just the rough draft. This link leads to a more accurate description.

    Samson Audio - Resolv 40a - Example (Workflow "in extenso")

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