Worst production on albums????

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by kaplan, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. kaplan

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    Let's see what kind of stuff we get for this one. Let's make it "worst production on well-known albums"(no unheard of bands). I would like to know some of those albums where everything is right except the production. Good performance, good songs, good groups, bad recordings.

    Let's have it ................
  2. kaplan

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    lamo answers his own question again.

    I can't help but notice how bad most of the velvet underground recordings sound, especially the first album with the banana. I know they were a dirty band, and I love the songs, but it sounds poor.

    Sorry guys this is harder than I thought.
  3. lofi

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    anything blur ?!?

    lots of heavy stuff that is sooo overcompressed - absolute pain to listen to. blind guardian come to mind. sevendust also.

    I remember being very dissapointed with slayer's decade of agression long time ago. it is a live album, best songs, great performance but still poor production.

    I think I had a few dissapointments with overproduction. you know. hard and heavy bandns sounding like a pudding when they should sound like heavy rusty iron (and they did just an album before !). megadeth comes to mind.

    and yes... stupid dance/techno remixes of great songs really know how to ruin my favorite songs. .. I dont know it that counts. :?
  4. kinetic

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    Can't remember too much about the actual production, but Roxy Music's very first album must be one of the worst albums of all time. 'For your Pleasure' I think was their second album so I am not talking about that one. Someone else might remember the name of the album I am talking about, but it was baaaad. :)
  5. I think we need to farm this out in to two categories, badly produced and badly engineered. Badly produced would be an album that has bad arrangements, an overall vision that doesn't work for the artist, flat performances (assuming that the band is capable of good performances), or perhaps unnecessary "studio magic". Badly engineered would be an album that isn't technically up to muster (consideration should be given to when it was recorded and the resources available to the involved parties).
    I think the last Peter Gabriel album was terribly produced- overly complicated arrangements, lifeless songs and performances. Liz Phair's last two albums are textbook bad marriages of producer/artist: Scott Litt made her too polished and then that whole Matrix debacle... the sellout that didn't sell any records.
    Badly engineered- have to think more on that.
  6. djui5

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    Yeah..the recording is less than desirable..but the songs are so great who cares.
  7. kaplan

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    I agree. The songs are great.
  8. logamos2001

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    holly crap, after messing with this site forever, trying to get a damn password, i am in! its my first post, and i can tell u the worst engineering on any album i have heard lately. METALICAs new album. wow, i think u can all agree
  9. EricK

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    I have not heard the whole album, and that's probably a blessing. I have heard the songs on the radio and the recordings are pure rubbish. I can understand and even respect what they may have been trying to accomplish, but they really missed the mark. I actually dig most of the songs I have heard, but can't stand to listen to them.
  10. housefukr

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    i have to say 90% of all hip hop / rap I hear is so bad it's funny. Everything is in mono and there is no production skills
  11. RecorderMan

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    Mar 28, 2001
    there's a reason for mono being used so much. Louder and more lo end.
  12. djui5

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    Not to mention the compatability with the clubs systems.
  13. housefukr

    housefukr Guest

    I see what your saying but I still think its a lack of skill. In the songs that have caught my attention, certain parts will be mono then others are in stereo. It seems more like an accident. Then looking at the whole album, some songs are in stereo. Check out Jay Z's black album. He's one of the only good hip hop artists out there but, half the stuff is in stereo half isn't
  14. Since1980

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    Their are other great HipHop artist but that isn't the topic. You are totally right about the song-to-song difference. I'm just guessing, but many of the songs that are just mono, are more likely sampled-driven (especially Kanye West produced songs). Alot of producers, just enjoy the sound of "Mono" records. (not Me)
  15. Bhennies

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    all my old dub records are in mono and I love that sound. BUt the sample has to be mixed in with stereo elements or else it sounds like you're some crappy engineer who doesn't know what he/shes doing rather than someone creatively using an old record's tone.
  16. Bhennies

    Bhennies Guest

    Check out Jay-dee (NOT jermaine dupri) or Pete Rock or even outkast. Some of the tracks on Aquemeni are brialliantly engineered/ produced- especially "spottieotidopaliscious"
  17. Pootkao

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    I gotta say, Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins is full of glorious songs, but the production was still pretty rough.

    The new Outkast record as well... there's something *missing* in all the songs. Is it just a frequency range (400-750Hz?) that I don't hear enough of? Or is it the instrumentation? Hmmm.
  18. vhollund

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    Whats wrong with Mono ? I listen in mono most of the time because I dont have a big HIFI thing that makes it worth it.

    Mettallicas 'Load' was the end of Metallica, with Bob (bobobobobob) Rock as their 'new inspiration'
    'Master of puppets' (Danish production) was a masterpiece. The sound is fantastic.
  19. heyman

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    I know this should go on the other forum, but Speaking of Metallica, Master of Puppets sound's like it was done on an API board, can anyone verify this...? It has all the qualites of that API tone.. Really Muscular and bold sounding Drums and guitars..

    Probibly one of my favorite albums just for the sound and the songs.
  20. Statik

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    I saw this topic and just had to comment on the Rush DVD 'Rush In Rio' and their previous album Vapor Trails. I'm sure everone's aware of the stellar production values of Power Windows, Hold Your Fire and Moving Pictures, however Vapor Trails is so distorted as to be vitually unlistenable.
    This album is slammed to the max. Put any track into an editor and check out the waveform. I thought I was accidentally given a 64kb MP3. Word on the street has it that Alex Lifeson approved the final mix while listening through a walkman on a beach somewhere.
    As for their DVD, solo the centre channel (which is barely audible most of the time) and you'll wonder how the mighty could have fallen so far.

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