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  1. Hi i am new to using Wavelabs 5 and i would need some help here. I have played around a lot with the software by now and I have learned a few things except, the main thing. How to get my mixing, editing and mastering going. See i have recorded my songs on my Yamaha Aw-1600 and put them on CD's, which makes them to a cda. file. And all i am trying to do with my songs in Wavelabs 5 is to import them, mix and edit (8 channels). And master to a final product. I got 2 demos to go through. I hope that somebody out there can help me, it would be so great!
    So, can i import cda. files which my songs are as, then break the songs back to 8 channels on Wavelabs 5 to be able and mix, edit and then master them.
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    You can't un-mix a song. It's impossible. Have you gone through the tutorials for Wavelab? If not, start there. You can rip the cd to wav then edit it in Wavelab. No problems there. First though, you should read up on what the software does.
  3. Yeah i kind of thought that, oh well. I know how to get it to become a wav file but there's the stop i suppose.

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