Would this be a good computer to buy for my home studio?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by ironlungs, Dec 26, 2008.

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    Was at Bestbuy today and saw this Gateway FX6800 with the new i7 chip and ddr3 ram, as well as two slots for Sata drives for easy expansion. Seems good, but there were a few negative reviews amongst the many good ones. It's supposed to be a gamers computer, but for the price ($1250) and the latest hardware it got me thinking about how it would respond as a recording computer right off the shelf.

    If you were in the market, would you buy it ? Anything you'd swap out? (I read 3GB ram may not be enough but there are 3 more slots available to add to), and power supply should possibly be boosted to 850W). I'd be using cubase, to record a band of between 8-16 tracks at once (at the most intensive circumstances ). Any thoughts?


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    Sep 26, 2005
    (cough cough) if I told you you could record 24 simultaneous tracks by using a Pentium 3, 700MHz with 512MB RAM, in Cool Edit Pro 1.0, would you believe me? Now for the bad news. There really isn't any software yet that can take advantage of that machine. Except of course, games. But then, it will still provide you with the kind of power that most folks only dream of. So, your mix downs will support more plug-ins than anybody wants to listen to. That's not entirely what recording & mixing is all about. It's really mostly about what microphones you use. Where you put them. How you put them. Why you put them. The front-end preamps. Your mix. It's not about the EQ. It's not about the plug-ins. It's not about the effects. It's not about how much computer you got. But I really do like the fact that you want to record up to 16 simultaneous tracks. That's really quite an undertaking. Of course, once you try that, we'll want to try 24 & maybe 32? Then it gets really fun. Especially when tracking live and having to provide a fully mixed & processed stereo feed simultaneously for broadcast. Talk about excitement. Can you say undertaker? But then, you'll have to monitor some kind of stereo mix when you are rolling 16 simultaneous tracts. So you're going to have some kind of fun.

    I know with ambitions like that, you're going to be good.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    well, when you closemic 24 tracks you're gone need reverb, and reverb eats CPU. If I would save money for a good studio pc, I would go all the way.
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    If you have the interface already I would check with the manufacturer They may be able to inform you of compatibility. You could check what the best buy return policy is as you may be able to try it first and return it if it doesn't work. Dual and Quad cores 2 gb with XP sp2 are pretty stable systems. Some are even having luck with Vista 4gb as long as the audio interface drivers are compatible

    Problem with buying the "newest" hardware is you get to be the beta tester.
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