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Discussion in 'Microphones' started by BassLiK, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Hi everyone, first off I thank everyone for the great knowledge and feedback. My question is that I have an original matched pair of Rode NT1's I'm considering letting them go for a pair of Shure KSM32's. I heard nothing but great things about those mics and frankly the NT1's are a bit harsh for my taste, and after watching this clip I'm pretty much sold on them now, and mainly was looking for overheads anyways, thanks in advance. Shure KSM32, A love story. | Ronan's Recording Show | Video podcast episode | Podcast.tv - your video podcast directory for international podcasts
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    Hmm. Swapping one set of LDCs for another as drum overheads may not automatically bring about the change that you are looking for. I would not plunge straight into this swap until you have evaluated, say, a pair of SDC mics of a similar price range.

    You need a really well-designed acoustic environment for a drum kit to hear the real differences between the type of mics.
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    Boswell thank you so much for chiming in, very much appreciate it. Currently I also have a Pair of Rode NT5's along with the Rode NT1's, so I'm covered on the SDC side and I have an opportunity to almost make a straight deal for the KSM32's, so I will still have a set of SDC, & LDC in my locker, the room sounds fantastic, well as best as it can be for a 10ft ceiling would yield. I had the team from Auralex design the acoustics and couldn't ask for more there. Am I on the right track?, thanks again for your time and insight.
  4. BassLiK

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    Any other input would be great, thanks.
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    Well, this may be a lateral move. You may like it a lot or you might not. All depends on your taste, your room, sound source, etc. But if you don't have the resources to buy lots of mics and give them serious auditions, buying and selling is a way to try a bunch of mics without investing too much at any one time. Just so long as you understand that you may have to back up a step at some point and buy back after making a mistake. And pay close attention to resale value and work at selling equipment for the best possible price.
  6. BassLiK

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    Great point I never thought of. I think I should just keep the mics and just start collecting for my mic locker since I got them at a great price anyways. Thank you all very much for spending time out of your bus schedule to help other, PEACE.
  7. BassLiK

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    Anyone else have a suggestion?, thanks all and have a great weekend.:redface:
  8. moonbaby

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    OK, I'll chime in. I have a single NT-1 (NOT the NT-1a) and a single KSM32, as well as a pair of NT-5's ( and many others). As an instrument mic, and especially drum OH's, I too love the KSM32...even a single one. It's too "plain" for killer vocals, but it is very detailed and balanced for OH's. The NT-5's are what I usually use for a stereo pair, especially if the drums are close-mic'd and I mainly want the OH's for "just" cymbals. But the KSM works extremely well as an OH with maybe just a snare and a kick mic'ed... good toms, great detail, and a smooth presence. Yes, just one; some day I'll buy a 2nd one, but a lot of my drum-mic'ing is done live, with Latino and big band players. 3 mics- an i5 or 57 on the snare, a Heil PR-40 on the kick, and the 32 on OH, I'm good to go.
    On the other hand, the NT-1 has a brightness that works on many vocals. And the NT-5's have a low end roll-off that doesn't pick up the toms as well, but are decent when you want to pick up acoustical performances in stereo.
    SO, If it was ME, and I'd want to use these just as OH's, or to mic up other percussion, strings, or horns, I'd do the deal. If you are needing it to do "double duty" on vocals, I wouldn't hold my breath on that. I'd still do the deal, but get something else for vocals. My 2 cents...
  9. BassLiK

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    WOW, that's totally my mic locker. I too have a matched pair of the original NT1's , pair of NT5's, and make sense to unload since I will be able to accomplish the same diversity as you moonbaby. Thanks bud, it all makes sense.

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