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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Crankitup, Jan 13, 2008.

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    I just picked up a "new" TLM 103 for $500. Less than a year old and never been used. Thank you craigslist!
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    Feb 23, 2005
    Hate you? Why? Did you get the mic with the optional, ridiculously overpriced shock suspension? If not, $500 is the typical price I see those going for on e-Bay...and there are usually a couple that folks are willing to dump off. Let's be honest here. This is Neumann's cheapest condenser.

    I bought a TLM-103 when it came out 10 years ago. No history, just blind faith. Very disappointed. Blah, flat sound. I've got several Audio-Technicas with more soul than that thing ( AT4047). I've got an ADK with better presence (Vienna). And when I do VO's, an RE-20 sounds bigger and cleaner. The TLM103 doesn't shine. It whimpers. Open it up and see why. Plastic and nylon parts where a REAL Neumann is brass or steel. No transformer. Oh, that's right, those transformerth are tho bad for the thound.

    Ten years later, the TLM103 enjoys a very mixed reputation. Some people like it, many more don't. It depends on what you're used to, I guess. Don't believe me? Go on gearslutz, mojoepie, even this site. Lots of disappointed Neumann fans.

    For $500, you could've done a LOT better. Let's see, there's a special deal from A-T where you get an AT4040 LDC, an AT4041 SDC, the shock mount, all in a nice wooden box. $499 from Sweetwater, and a mere $399 from a dealer on e-Bay. That would leave you enough left over for an extra 57. Or, an AT4047, like I said earlier, which sounds a HELLUVALOT better than the 103. And it comes with the shockmount. And it has a real output tranny, to boot. I'm tired now, but there's a LOT more in this world that $500 will buy you than what Dr. Sennheiser is willing to market at that price point.
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    Its exactly what I was looking for so whatever

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