Yamaha 01V - Power Issues

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by thefuzzbandva, May 13, 2009.

  1. Hello

    How are you? I mix on a Yamaha 01V that I use mostly for live shows.
    Recently when I turn on the mixer the led goes on the fritz displaying lines. After a few on and off attempts I finally get the system to boot , but it crashes in seconds right before channel light up. The light stays on the screen but the OS or anything shuts down. I have checked the fuse, and that seems to be fine, but It happens every time.

    Has anyone experienced similar issues with the Yamaha 01V. Is there a solution?
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    In a personal computer this is a symptom of the power supply going out or the HDD. Since you don't have a HDD per se then I would look at the actual power supply of the 01V for the culprit. This is a guess only as I'm not familiar with that board specifically.
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    Probably a good time for a phone call to Yamaha tech support.

    We had a similar problem with a Fostex unit but it fixed itself and no problems. Maybe a power supply problem or the CPU is getting ready to die or you simply have a loose or coroaded power supply connector somewhere within the unit.

    Best of luck!
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    It could be anything related to power supply, static blown ram/chips, etc, etc.
    Yamaha's aren't field serviceable. Take it to your authorized service center and let them deal with it.
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    There is a known weakness on the 01V with the power supply earthing. This is well detailed in the yahoo 01V users group here -


    You can also post on this forum and be assured of getting some help. If you're OK with a soldering iron you should be able to do this yourself. Otherwise get the details and find a local tech to do it for you.

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