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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by yad_man, Nov 12, 2004.

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    im about to receive my new 01v digital mixer, and im wondering if anybody could enlighten me on something before i get to use it...

    1. how complicated/easy is DAW control with the 01v (Cubase SX2 implied)

    2. which of these 2 sound cards is better recommended for use with this mixer: MOTU 2408 or RME Hammerfall (considering i dont want to be using ADATs), mostly straight to PC recording of up to 8 tracks simultaneously

    3. anything interesting i should know about the 01v

    4. and lastly, is the 01v96 truely better than the 01v (aside from the obvious ie bigger display, 100mm faders, etc...)

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    Should be possible but not very easy

    It does not matter wich card you will combine with the mixer. It's more important how they play with your PC.


    Hm ... it's a different dimension. DAW control is implemented, better preamp more possibilitys like surround sound better routing capabilities
    It has a build in ADAT link, better faders, more processing channels and more buses and auxes
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    the 01V with Cubase SX1.x had EXTENSIVE control capabilities, and was very easy to set up. Controlled pretty much everything - level, pan, mute, sends, eq.

    Somehow they broke the control template in SX2 allowing for only control of level.

    I haven't upgraded yet - but supposedly, it works great again in SX3.

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