Yamaha 01v96 and Alesis HD24 Questions..

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by Arvida, Nov 29, 2005.

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    At our church we are currently running a Yamaha 01v96 w/ two outboard devices that expands our channel capacity to 32. We are looking for a recording solution for live sound as well as some "studio" recording.

    We've looked at the HD24 by Alesis quite a bit and are impressed with the reviews and other info, but we aren't sure how this will integrate with the 01V. I spoke with a few retailers about the two and got mixed information. One retailer said that the 01V would only output 16 channels via ADAT digital w/ an 8 channel expansion card. He said the 16 channel card would not work with the 01V. In addition, he said we would not need a wordclock to run things. The other retailer said that they could provide accessories to get us 24 channels out of the 01V to the HD24 digitally and that we would need a word clock.

    Also, one of them recommended against the HD24XR saying that the 96khz sample rate was not necessary. Is this true? What are the advantages / disadvantages?

    Thank you so much for your help and input, we greatly appreciate it.
  2. Fede

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    Nov 3, 2004
    The short facts:

    The 01V96 WILL output 24 channels digitally via ADAT with a 16-channel MY-expansion card. (The old 01V, however, will not - maybe this is what has caused the confusion?)

    You will NOT need Wordclock sync.

    I would recommend NOT to go for 96kHz - start out using 44.1/48kHz, unless you're terribly unsatisfied with the sound quality of all commercial cd releases the last 2½ decades. Anyway, the 01V96 will not be able to output more than 12 channels digitally in 96kHz.
  3. Arvida

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    Thanks for the quick response.

    That is the same thing I was seeing when looking at our board. It showed that we could do all 24 out with a 16 ADAT card, but the guys from Sweetwater were telling me that I couldn't. Oh and in the same sentence they told me that the were the most knowledgable in the industry. Right...

    The word clock, he was right about though. =)

    Any chance you know the best kind of cables and accessories we'll need? I'm not super technical when it comes to the actual hardware needs, but once it is all connected I can take over.

    I know we'll need some optical cables, but beyond that I'm not really sure.

    Thanks again!
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    If memory serves me correct, the Yamaha ADAT cards also don't support SMUX so running at high-res isn't going to happen.

    24 channels out of an O1V96 is a bit of a cludge, but certainly possible. You don't require word clock, but a good clock will help the integration of your system (as well as make it sound better- the Yamaha's clock is shite). Sync everything to the clock and you'll have an easy time integrating your system and not worrying about clock errors, etc...

  5. Alécio Costa - Brazil

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    Mar 19, 2002

    I have an 01V96 here and added a MY16AT card . I

    t will do exactly what you are asking for. I would recommend using the 01v96 as a master clock source and the Alesis MDM as slave.
    Staying at 44k/48k you get full track count. Going to 88.2k/96k, you get only half.
    believe me, this little board rocks.
  6. Arvida

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    Nice to know!

    I just checked the other day and noticed that we had already installed the expansion card in the 01v, so one less peice of hardware we have to buy this time around.

    Good thing I checked.

    I did notice that our HEAR personalized monitors were taking up one digital IN and one digital OUT though! So....I'm down to only two digital outs..which means only 16 channels, correct?

    Oh well, I guess I can always pull the plug on the HEARs when I want to do more than 16.

    Any tips on anything before I try my first recording?
  7. Alécio Costa - Brazil

    Alécio Costa - Brazil Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2002

    why use digital connection for a simple "HEAR"? do you mean inear monitoring or a pair of monitors like Roland DS series which have digital ins?
  8. Arvida

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    That is what is plugged into one of the ADAT optical outs. I'm assuming, this is to extend it or because we didn't have any other outs left? I personally would rather have all my digital outs to use for full 24 channel recording. I'll have to check with the guy who actually setup the sound system after the local guys engineered it.

    If it isn't necessary, we'll switch it up.

    If we wanted to dump a relatively 'decent' mix to the recorder from the 01v, but still leave the tracks relatively untouched, is this possible? My plans are to mix everything post-show. However, as a church, we have a lot of people that want CDs right afterwards.

    Right now, we 2-track everything to a CD burner and then use that. Is this still the best route for instant CD gratification?
  9. cfaalm

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    Feb 21, 2005
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    While I'd also prefer to mix it after the show, it is possible to send the coaxial s/pdif to a two track recorder. That can be anything like a CD-Recorder, MD-recorder or a laptop.

    Why do people want instant gratification all the time? I can understand if bands that just recorded would like a rough mix to take home.
  10. Arvida

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    Yeah, that is normally the case. If we have a group playing, they like to sort of hear what they sounded like.

    Also, since we are a church, we have special guests come through sometimes that want CDs of their message for their own libraries. As well as members of the church that want to get a message on CD for their relatives or something.

    So, that is what we do now, just dump a 2 track to CD. Which works okay...

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