Yamaha 01V96 - talkback options?

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Josh607, Mar 11, 2006.

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    I'm new to this site and hope someone can help me with this - does anyone know a good way to create a talkback system with a Yamaha 01V96 mixer? I'm assisting in a newly built studio that has an iso booth with a headphone pre-amp in it and can't seem to create a talkback because the 01V apparently doesn't have a way to send separate outputs to the monitor and headphone outs...please let me know, thanks!

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    Feb 23, 2005
    You want to be able to send a mic from the CR to the phones in the booth, right? You mentioned in the other post that you have a headphones' amp, correct? Then...
    A) You should feed that phones amp with a mix from a pair of Aux sends on the mixer that are switched to be PRE-fader. I have communicated with other posters with this same mixer who use it live, so I am reasonably certain that this mixer has this function. Plugging a mic into a channel, bringing up that channels Aux send while the fader is DOWN will route the TB mic to the headphones amp. DON'T rely on the headphones provision on the mixer!
    NOW, if you don't have a PRE function on the Aux sends available, or you are too narrow-minded to use the Aux sends for anything other than effects-mixing, or you need all of the mic inputs on the mixer all of the time, there is another option.
    Go to Radio Shack (I can't believe that I said that!). Peruse the catalog or ask a sales rep (as if THEY know anything!). Find the "paging microhone" they sell. I don't have the model/SKU number, but for less than $50.00 it is a godsend to have. It has a push-to-talk button that can send out a "chime" to alert one that there is an announcement coming. This is user-defineable and defeatable. It has a line level out (yeah!) that may be routed out to an "Aux" input of your headphones amp. This way, you don't have to use any mic inputs on the board, you have the option of plugging it into a headphones amp or a guitar/PA amp and having the "Voice of God" directed wherever you need it. All without electrocuting yourself with a kit (no offense, but not everyone is as savvy with a soldering iron as Kev would have you think!). Don't laugh..I got this idea from a poster on this forum who uses this paging mic as a talkback to...orchestral conductors during recording sessions! I use mine with a pair of small Yamaha powered speakers (usually), but I have plugged it into a big old Sunn tube PA amp I have in my studio when I need to get the attention of some punk blasting away on a Marshall. It works!
  3. Josh607

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    thanks so much for the help! I seem to have it working for now minus getting a balanced cable to get both channels audible - I actually routed a mic channel direct out to Omni Out 1 and ran that via 1/ 4 in into the headphone Aux In and it seems to work...thanks for the tips-

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