Yamaha MSP10 v Mackie 824 v Fostex PM-2

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Paulo, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Paulo

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    Hi everybody ,

    I already know that a good pair of monitors is the one that we're used to and can produce good mixes with , meaning the ones that you find detailed and well balanced no matter the device where you listen to them (Ex:crappy mono device , car stereo , home hifi , clubs , etc...) .

    I currently own a pair of Yamaha MSP5 monitors working together with a Mirage LF100 subwoofer . I could train my ears to live without the sub but i find it a more comfortable way to listen to my mixes since the SP5s are a bit discreete on the low frequencies .

    Despite what i said before , i would like to have a pair of different (larger) monitors as way to make an A/B comparison in my home studio . So , i selected three pairs that i found interesting for one reason or another , and for wich i would appreciate you to share your opinions or experiences on them :

    - Yamaha MSP10 - had the brief chance to audition them ; seemed well balanced and detailled and better on lows than the MSP5s ;

    - Mackie 824 - also a brief audition ; also detailled but maybe a bit punchy on the lows ;

    - Fostex PM-2 - don't have the opportunity to audition them ; few people that have them seem to like its output ; specs are interesting .

    Any feedback will be greatelly appreciated . Thank you for your time .

    Paulo Ribeiro
  2. Olá Paulo.

    Sou do Brasil, por isso vou postar em português ok !

    Olha, eu possuo um par de MSP10 há 3 anos e te digo sem medo,
    q é o melhor monitor disponível.
    Trabalhei por 2 anos com a Genelec 1031 A, fantástica também, mas um pouco 'mentirosa', principalmente nos agudos.
    Tive a oportunidade (infelicidade) de mixar na Mackie HR824 tb.
    Essa está fora da minha lista. Graves exagerados (de mentira!),
    agudos 'ardidos' , horrível...

    Agora, as MSP10 são muito fiéis, 'what you see is what you get',
    e têm um som muito agradável. Agudos macios e graves aveludados, numa resposta mais flat que as concorrentes e com muita potência.
    Você precisa ouvir como essas caixas tocam !!
    Diria que servem até para Main Monitor...

    Por isso te falo, ouça com carinho todas as caixas e veja qual a que vc melhor se adapta. Na minha opinião é MSP10 com certeza !

    Um abraço,
  3. imagineaudio

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    Nov 24, 2004
    WTF was that, english please
  4. 1stbaseman

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    I have a pair of Hr824 and LOVE them. I work mainly on radio commercial and some post for video and film. They are a very flexable set of monitors that will allow you to vary the spread to fit the room/setup you have in your studio.

    Hope this helps, it's just my 2 cents.

    Jay Shields-1stbaseman
    1stbase Productions
    Denver, Colorado USA

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