Yamaha PM1000 preamp opinions?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by bounce, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. bounce

    bounce Guest

    (supposed "JapaNeve" pre's from the Yamaha PM1000 consoles)
    Anybody have these things alongside some Vintechs or real 1272's or 1073's, etc. And, if they are nothing similar, are they cool anyway? How do they compare to your upper end pre's? I'm thinking of picking up some to try out for drums and more...if they're cool, i may set up an 8-10 channel lunchbox...i think i read one post saying they may be closer to an API sound (i know i have to hear them myself but there's no real return policy on these old mamas)...what's the skinny?

  2. violindave

    violindave Guest

    I can't say I'm a super experienced engineer, but I do have a 4 pack of modded Yamaha PM1000s. I also have some Seventh circle audio pres. I have the J99s which I just used on overheads [Peluso CEMC-6s]. I also have an N72 which according to the site duplicates a Neve.

    I used the N72 on the snare [Beta 57] and the PM1000s on a kick drum mic [soundelux U195] and also on the Toms [Beta 87As].
    I also had a second kick [D-112] through an evil twin [one with mic preamp as well as DI]

    They all sound awesome to me. I have not done an A/B on say snare through the N72, snare through the PM1000 etc, but I certainly have no complaints on how any of the tracks sound
    The PM1000s are fat and warm. Somewhere I have an email with the info on what mods to make if you're interested I can try to find it
  3. bounce

    bounce Guest

    Thanks for the feedback! Anyone else?

  4. axis

    axis Guest

    yamaha pm-1000

    I'm just getting ready to finish building a console with 10 of the pm1000 modules and a pair of bus output modules.I have 7 of the output transformers so far and plan to have direct outs on each ch. I'll let you know what I think of them.I have a bunch of API 312 pre's with different transformers on them and an old Auditronics console with cool sounding pres as well. I would be interested in the mod that Dave says he has for the pm1000's.Let me know if you find the mod info.

    regards, axis
  5. bounce

    bounce Guest

    Tonight I got to finally try my new PM1000's on drum overheads. I also decided to try my new cheapy mics I picked up (MXL603's for $100 for the pair). I tried these mics, as well as my hand picked Oktava 012, and a At4033 on acoustic guitar (a mediocre one at that) the other day and was just absolutely thrilled with the result! The yamaha's have a very tight low end. There's a lot of clarity available with these things (in a big transformer kinda way-hee hee). I tried it quickly with a Rode NTK on vocal but wasn't quite as excited, however I didn't get to mess around too much with the trim as it was a quickie set up. There was a little too much sizzle there for me but it could be an impedance thing. I need to mess with the input trim (this is an added mod, I believe from the fixed -50). The jury is still out on that combo ; ) Ok back to the overheads...I was soloing tracks in Pro Tools after playing a tune and thought I had the kick, hat, snares and overheads solo'ed because of the fullness of the audio but realized it was just the overheads!! -Just my 2 ghetto SDC's through the Pm1000's and it sounded meaty! It came alive even more once I brought in a couple more mikes but my overheads with my other mics and pre's never sounded this dimensional through my other pre's. It was very exciting : )

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