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    Anyone know where in NYC I can get a blown channel fixed? Or maybe change the A/D converters to 24 bit?
    Thanks in advance.....WAR
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    There are a couple of places you could go to ...one is to go to B & H which I believe is right behind the CNN building(One Penn Plaza) and ask the audio department what you should do and who is the best in the area..I havent been in NYC for awhile and I forget the name of the place that has a good reputation..I believe the place I am thinking about is right by Manny's and Sam Ash area...changing to 24 bit isnt an option on those units as far as I know..I think the software has to agree with that and I dont think it does it..I could be wrong on that tho..Hope that helps

  3. Sean Halley

    Sean Halley Guest


    The original 01 didn't have any sort of choices in the digital domain (locked at 48K, no dig in, etc). The software would have to be re-written for the 01's hardware profile - for which 24 bit was never written. Besides the fact that the converters are only sixteen bit (the 01V still has an 18 bit monitor out path)...

    Fix the channel or get an 01V I would guess :)

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