Yellow Tool's Candy Saxaphone softsynth - Opinions?!?!

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    I'm looking for good quality sax sounds in a softsynth. I current use Steinberg's Halion as my major softsynth sampler. Unfortunately, I can't find any good quality sax sounds formatted for Halion. In fact, good quality sax sounds seem to be hard to find for both softsynths and hardsynths.

    I JUST stumbled across a virtual instrument plug-in called Candy by Yellow Tools. It is 9 GB's of sax sounds at a reasonable price. It is VST compatable but can also function as a stand alone softsynth. Sounds great! So I visited its web site to HEAR examples of this particular product. Unfortunately NONE were found (which is very unusual).

    First off, does anyone here use this particular softsynth for their "virtual" sax sounds??? If so, do you like the sounds?? I would love to hear any examples of the sounds (in an arrangement that you created).

    I primarily use Steinberg's SX program (as well as Cakewalk's Sonar 3 on occasion). I hope that the Candy saxaphone virtual instrument would interphase well with either program. Are there any known problems/issues with this Candy plug-in interphasing with the digital audio programs???

    Thank you in advance for your time. :)

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