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Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by kountkris, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Hey, I finally decided to do some mods to my Apex 460, and after looking through the hundreds of forums with the Apex 460 mods, I still have some questions. I'm pretty new to mic modding, so some questions might be on the stupider side, but please help if you can.

    First off, I've just ordered a Peluso CEK-12 capsule for the mic. It doesn't mention if it comes with the saddle piece, which I'm guessing it probably doesn't. I'm just wondering if I can use the same saddle from the old capsule of the Apex 460 for the CEK-12 and if it will even fit properly. If not, where can I buy a saddle that will fit. All I can find online is the 34mm saddle and post, but I don't need the post. I just need the saddle if anything.

    I've read in many other forums that people recommend to get a 6072a tube for the mic, but don't go into too much detail with brands. Will it really make a difference if I use a Electro Harmonix Gold Pin 12AY7 / 6072A Preamp Tube which I can get for $15 dollars on Ebay compared to a more expensive tube such as a nice GE 6072a that goes for like $60 dollars on Ebay? If there's barely any difference in sound, I would rather get the Electro Harmonix tube to save money, but if the more expensive tube will make a noticeable difference in sound quality, I'm willing to pay extra to get the GE. What would you recommend?

    Moving onto output transformers. What will a better transformer such as the Cinemag 2480 do to the mic? What will it do exactly to the sound to make the microphone better?

    I've also seen that people mention that the mic has a cathode follower and that some people bypass it. Is the cathode follower something that is hurting the sound quality of the mic? Is it something that I should think about bypassing or is actually a good thing that it's there?
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    I am pretty sure that unless it specifically states that the saddle is included, that it is not.

    The CEK-12 is 34mm and the stock 460 mount is 32mm. your definately going to want to change that out as it can cause the capsule to touch the grill and possible short out if not mounted correctly.

    Can't really speak to the tube, i do know the 6072a brings the total gain down about 8 Dbs wich means more headroom before clip.

    +1 for the better trany

    This from Dave Thomas on the Cathode Follower:
    "When I pull out my original 1966 tube manual and look up Cathode follower it states, " The use of the cathode follower permits the design of a circuit which has a high input impedance and high output voltage. The output impedance is quite low and very low distortion can be obtained and it can provide very low damping factors to inductive loads (transformers). "

    overal i think this would be a fun project and I have had my eye on this mod for a while, but since i have two kids and a mortgage it'll likely not be soon.

    Let us know how it turns out.

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    Yes you will need a 34mm Saddle

    Tube use a 12AY7
    These are decent. You can get matched tubes if your doing a stereo pair. This lower gain will reduce the 4k harsh spike.

    Cinemag 2480 is a good choice. This brings out the low end a bit.

    Jensen JT-115K-E

    is a bit better IMO. But its marginal.
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    The stock K67-type (HF boosted) capsule driving a flat response circuit is more of an issue than the stock transformer.

    By swapping the capsule to a more midrange-focused K47-type and changing the tube to a NOS GE 6072 the HF level hitting the transformer will be reduced by about 12-14 dB from stock. This will allow the stock transformer to perform perfectly well.
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    Hey guys, kinda new here. I've had a Apex 460 microphone for a number of years. But recently it took a spill and unfortunately the capsule got damages. Do any of you have an old capsule from an Apex you upgraded that you would be interested in selling? I'm a home recording artist and of the starving artist variety, so I don't have the bucks to shell out for a full mod including new module.
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