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Discussion in 'Computing' started by oryan, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. oryan

    oryan Guest

    If I was your best friend, or a close relative, Lets say you have a awesome DAW system that you built for your Cubase SX3,,I am hoping you will show me your PC and all its goodies, so I could enjoy crash free recording, so I ask what is your sound card, interface, mother board, hard drive etc...
    Thanks for your help
    Happy Holidays
    Jack :D
  2. beanstalk40

    beanstalk40 Guest

    Soundcard - EMU 1820M
    Monitors - Yamaha MSP5A
    Comp - AMD64 3000+ , 2GB DDR RAM, ASUS A8V motherboard
    HDD - 2 X 160GB HDD @7200 rpm

    Works like a charm... latency below 5ms...
  3. Spy

    Spy Guest


    Greetings Jack,

    Have a look here for a whole thread of them.
  4. oryan

    oryan Guest

    Thanks for the info :D
    Beanstalk, I have heard all good about what you mentioned, and I'm going with it. cept I'm still looking over the sound card, the EMU is a nice one for sure, I am also looking into the Delta 10/10 and RME HDSP 52/96,, what are your thoughts on these?
    Happy Holidays..
  5. beanstalk40

    beanstalk40 Guest


    I've heard good things about both the delta and the rme... and I love my EMU... the clarity of sound is quite phenomenal...

    while making the purchase decision, the delta1010 and the emu were the last in the shootout... I chose the EMU 1820m because of the "mastering" grade converters... the great patchmix interface which allow you to route audio in many number of ways... the option to scale up using adat... the good looking audiodock (I know I know :roll: ) and onboard fx(which I never use)... still there it is... heh... :lol:

    Merry Christmas!!! :)
  6. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    I've got the E-MU EmulatorX Studio package with the 1820M and SX3. Great combo. I think that E-MU has the best quality and greatest value for your money bare none. Perfect songwritting package. I use my RME Digiface with external converters for mixing to an analog console.
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