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Discussion in 'Computing' started by OTRjkl, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. OTRjkl

    OTRjkl Guest

    Have a chance to upgrade to a new DAW...

    I was wondering what type of system you guys are using for mastering (capturing, processing or both)...?

    For example:
    - Pentium (4) or other processor
    - What speed
    - How much RAM
    - What OS
    - How much memory do we really need for the graphics card (obviously more if you use any plugs...)
    - Are you using a specialized audio DAW (Sonic, Sadie, Wave Digital, Carillon, etc.) or just an ordinary computer (Dell, HP, etc.)

    Any other input is much appreciated.
  2. joe lambert

    joe lambert Distinguished Member

    Oct 17, 2001
    321 West 44th Street Suite 1001
    Home Page:
    I have 3 Sonic HD systems. Both run on Mac G3's. Sonic has not yet released OS10 compatable software so until they do I am happy with the G3.

    It all depends on what you want to do software wise. If your looking for Sonic or Pro Tools a G3,4 or 5 whichever you can get will be good. The newer the better.

    I think you have to decide what you want to use the computer for then see what software it needs then get the computer that has twice the power you need so it won't be obsolete in 6 months.
  3. tron

    tron Guest

    For capturing i use a 24 bit interface (MOTU 828)
    As i wanted the sound processing to stay at 32 bit floating during the whole session, and as i wanted a 192 kHz DAW, i listened to many native DAWs.
    My choice was Logic Platinum 6.
    The included plugins are of pristine quality
    I wanted a simple to customize and troubleshoot OS and i choosed a UNIX BSD version : OSX.
    The host is a DUAL processor Apple, with 1 GB RAM, 320 GB HD, DVD-R.
    a pair of GENELEC 1032A ensure clean monitoring.
  4. Thomas W. Bethel

    Thomas W. Bethel Distinguished Member

    Dec 12, 2001
    Oberlin, OH
    Home Page:
    Wavelab 4.0
    Pentium 3 computer 800 mHz
    RME Soundcard
    512 MB RAM
    80, 40, 40 gig HDs
    Waves Gold Plugins plus a number of other software

    Can't get much better than this for the money.
  5. Nuendo 2.0
    Nuendo Surround Edition
    2.1 gHz processor
    1 gig o' RAM
    WIN XP Pro
    1 80g HD
    2-120g HD's set as a RAID
    Nuendo 96/52 Audio Card

    I use every bit of that and it runs flawlessly!
  6. radioliver

    radioliver Guest

    Sonar 2.1
    Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz
    1 gig of DDR Ram
    Windows XP Pro
    1 80 gig HD 7200 rpm
    aardvark q10 soundcard

    A great upgrade over my stereo soundblaster
  7. OTRjkl

    OTRjkl Guest

    I opted for a custom box by Velocity Micro:

    -MCI mobo w/Intel 865PE chipset
    -2.8G P4, 800M fsb
    -1G DDR400 RAM
    -128M nVidia GForce FX5200 graphics
    -120G Western Dig 7200rpm HD (I have another drive that I will install for the music files)
    -generic CD-RW (for data backup burning)
    -XP Home
    -Antec TRUE 430W Quiet Power Supply w/Dual Smart fans
    -has integrated USB & firewire ports
    -MS keyboard, optical wheel mouse

    $1265 Out-the-Door

    I will install Samplitude7 Classic on it - great sound. I am also planning to get a PlexPremium soon.

    UPS is supposed to deliver it today. They're taking their time....
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