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    SIZE=2 Hi. I just purchased a zero dac from china with the intention of doing the frakenzero dac modification.

    Unfortunatly a friend has offered me his edirol ua-25 dac for £50 as he is upgrading.

    Which dac do you think i should go with.

    I can't google up any information on the edirol, probably because it is an old model.

    Does anyone know how the edirol may match up against the zero, which one is it better to mod.

    Thank you. John. SIZETABLE
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    If you like chasing round international suppliers for components and relish replacing parts in a production board with ones that don't fit in the same holes, the Franken Zero mod is ideal for you. If you want a good result from a unit that you don't have to tinker with, go for the Edirol. Here's the UA-25 manual from the Roland website.

    By the way, the Edirol is a complete USB audio interface that includes two DAC output channels. The offer of £50 is an excellent price for that unit. If you don't take it, PM me your friend's contact details.
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    I think Boswell is hungry?

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