Zoom H4N and MAC URGENT????

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by jp1234, Nov 23, 2009.

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    I've spent about six hours on something that should be really simple, and I'm getting close to throwing this Zoom H4N out the window.

    I'm using a Zoom H4N I just purchased for field recording for a documentary. I've installed the software on my 2 macs (desktop + laptop), both operating on 10.4.11.

    For whatever reason, I cannot seem to be able to import the audio files I've recorded from the Zoom (recorded on the SD card) into either of my Macs.

    What's the issue here? The device doesn't ever mount on the desktop, nor can I find a way to import the files through Cubase!!!

    If you ask me, this is the most ridiculous product I've ever used. It seems to make fantastic recordings, but what's so difficult about making it so it mounts on a desktop so the audio files can be dragged or exported, like most normal devices??
    Please tell me I'm missing something very simple, otherwise I'm about to sell this thing and get a Sony... What's the deal???

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. jg49

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    I only used the zoom a few times but if IIRC you have to follow the steps in the manual USING THE H4 AS A CARD READER. You can the import the files to your hard drive and if they were stored as .wav files they then can be imported into cubase. If they were stored as another type of file extension then they may have to be converted. It might be helpful to be sure you have downloaded the most recent drivers as well.
  3. Boswell

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    It works just fine if you have the correct drivers installed and push the right buttons on the H4N.

    On the H4N, select USB from the main menu and then Storage from the USB menu. After the computer's USB sorts itself out and loads the driver, the H4N appears as a removable disk drive to the computer and you can drag and drop the stored files. For file transfer, the format of the files is immaterial - they can be pictures, text or programs as well as audio.

    I use one on a PC all the time so I know it works, but I have not used it on a Mac. You should check that you have the latest drivers.
  4. Phil

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    Mar 25, 2014
    I had the same problem. So…., I fired up my old Dell with windows XP and guess what? The computer instantly recognized the new hardware and I was able to import my files without cubase or any driver upgrade. In my opinion the problem lies with Mac computers not being compatible with H4N. Or maybe I just don't get Macs.
  5. kmetal

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    Yup. That's it.

    I just used one recently using OS 10. watever and it was flawless, just like on my windows 7 laptop. All you have to do is put the H4N in USB mode as Boswell, and the manual describe, and it'll show up as a USB drive, just like a thumb drive. It's plug and play and you don't have to install any sort of drivers manually it'll just do whatever it needs to w in a about 15 seconds, it should just show up on the desktop, and you open it up and they'll be all the folders you created w the recorder, which contain your audio.

    Trust me, your hunch is correct, your just missing something simple. Don't feel bad that has been the story of my life, wondering why effects loops aren't working, redoing a ton of connect icons, swearing it's broken, then thinking of the efx loop 'on' button on the amp head:)

    The manual outlines it step by step in the section "using your recorder as a USB device"

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