Zoom HD16 or Yamaha AW1600?

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by TwelveGauge-GT, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. I'm looking for a digital multitracker for home recording.
    I chose these two because they are the right price point for me and can both record 8 inputs at once (great for live band recording).

    Has anyone compared the two in terms of sound quality and features?
    What does one ofer that the other doesn't?
    The pros and cons of each?

    I will consider other models that anyone can reccomend too.
  2. ACDC

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    The Yamaha has better sound quality and lower noise. The Zoom records and use WAV file format, making it easy to use with computer DAW. Zoom also has a larger hard disk - 20G in Yamaha & 80G in Zoom?

    Yamaha has a larger LED display panel, Zoom's is very small - making the unit quite hard to use. There are many levels of back-and-forth menu hopping.

    Zoom can be used as a control surface of computer DAW software and packaged with Cubase LE software. Yamaha comes with SQ1 - a very limited recording DAW software, and cannot be used as a control surface.
  3. Thanks a lot. I think the yam has a 40gb hdd. According to the site, it also records in WAV format.
    I have Cubase SX 2 and Cubase Studio 4 so LE isn't really something that I need.

    It sounds as if the Yamaha is better built aswell, I think I will go for it over the Zoom.

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