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Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by Parker, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Parker

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    Hi can anyone help?

    I've been recording on my Zoom MRS 1266 10-Track for a few months now.
    The main problem that I keep on having, that the user manual doesn't seem to explain, is this;

    When I record on several tracks eg 4 guitars on tracks 1-4, and then want to use the insert effects, I press input source and then select which track I want to put an insert effect on e.g Track 1. All goes well. Then I want to put one on track 2, so I press input source again, then I select track 2 then put the desired effect on that track, but the insert effect I put on track 1 has now gone. It almost seems to be a random fault on the machine, surely not.

    The same thing happens with Chorus send and Reverb send. When I want a certain type of reverb on one track eg track 1, I press the Reverb return button, then select the track (1), then press the Rev send button and select the type of reverb I want. Hey presto. Then I want to apply a different type of reverb to track 2. But no, when I select the specific type of reverb I want, It changes it on track 1 aswell. This will happen everytime to me, even if I'm choosing between tracks 1 - 10, they will all just end up being the same type of reverb, you can still select the quantity of return, but that's obviously not good enough is it. :x
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    After you apply each insert effect, try doing a global save of the song ...

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