ZOOM MRS/PS04 Phrase/Song/Pattern Editors Now Available

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    Hi all,

    If you want more flexibility to create/edit/manipulate songs, patterns, phrases, and audio takes of your ZOOM MRS/PS-04 projects, then look at:


    The editors allow you to easily create/manipulate rhythm patterns and songs, including powerful audio take manipulation functions not found on the ZOOM machine.

    Do you want to use other instruments in your songs but you don't have them available? Then the phrase pattern editor/sequencer can help you.

    With these editors it is possible to use your MRS patterns and songs to trigger imported sounds (such as a piano) with different pitches of the sound automatically generated over 3 octaves. The resulting audio can be exported to a virtual track or a wav file.

    Listen to this demo:
    where a piano sample was used.

    In this demo
    a string sample was used.

    In this demo
    a looped voice phrase was used.

    Look at:
    for more info.

    Just download the editors' demo version and try everything out.




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