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We are close to finishing our current production and there is this one song that just seems a little too slow with the final arrangement and instrumentation (3% speed-up would do the trick).

Now, time stretching is obviously readily available in a lot of software solutions, however, the ones that I have used on complete mixes so far result in unacceptable loss of quality.

Time stretching/compressing individual tracks gives somewhat improved results, but still the overall loss is something that I will not tolerate. Short of re-recording the entire project, do professional mastering facilities usually offer top-quality time stretching/compressing services that will meet my quality expectations?

Thanks in advance,



joe lambert Wed, 06/04/2003 - 10:27

Mister Blue,

One trick mastering engineers have been using for years is vari speed on the tape machine, I have one and use it once in a while. Sound quality is great, obviously this will speed up or slow down everything. But when used properly it works very well. Time compression on a whole mix sucks. It's one thing to do it on a single track then put that in a mix, but when it comes to a song this is the best sounding why. It can also be done in the computer. Either way sounds good.

MisterBlue Fri, 06/06/2003 - 19:53

(Dead Link Removed)
I have downloaded the demo and will give it a shot. It's kinda pricey but also seems very powerful. Probably too powerful for the purists among us because it gives the turd polishers a lot of extra power ... :D .