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If you are interested in being part of our tutorials group, please let it be know.


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Boswell Fri, 04/30/2021 - 07:46

Count me in as well. I'm up to my neck in other work right at the moment (which I why I've not been as active as usual on RO), but that should ease up by mid/end of May.

Things are coming on nicely with the CMS forum, Chris!

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audiokid Sat, 05/01/2021 - 00:18

I've got the start to our tutorials section. Tutorials are in a module called Book which you can see located on the right sidebar. I've populated it with a few titles and included a few sub links to show how its going to look and work.

I've also created a book about Motown Recording Methods

Before we get too far ahead our ourselves, rather than me writing a bad example on how the book module works, here is the developers outline on how the book works over at It may be overwhelming to read this but for those following this thread, I want everyone to have a sense of how the CMS mods work. Take what you can out of it and we evolve at our own pace. In a nut shell, to add content to the book (tutorials) we can write new content or pull content from the forum posts to compile titles and content as well. You'll see how cool and informative this is all going to be and get.

NOTE: I've turned off comments and editing permissions for the book for now. Those who have editorial permissions will be able to add, edit and organize.

I suspect we will include comments in the tutorials which we could also organize those within the structure as well.


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audiokid Mon, 05/03/2021 - 21:00

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I think I have this sorted!  You create and edit your book (tutorial) the way you want it. Its your book, your work. Author it as well.

Example: You could call it Links Guide to Pro Audio Repairs "" Thats all up to you. I will add your book to the main book which I've done now. I believe you can reorder your front page and its child pages as needed. Keep me posted. We may have to do some learning here! You are the first of I am sure... many topics and chapters to our community books and tutorials :)

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audiokid Mon, 05/03/2021 - 16:01

For those following here;

The basic concept of the book (tutorial) Consists of articles and pages including forum content that writers with book permission can put and organize content into our cms Book.  Those with Book permission can add new content or insert existing content found within cms forums/ articles, blogs etc. 

but... I believe each member can have their own book as well but it of course will not have the same level of hierarchy as the main book (if that makes sense).  Bare with me as I am learning how it all goes too.