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Okey Dokey Boys and Girls....
Let's get ready to rejoice, and dance in the sunshine..who has ordered theirs, and/or actually got their grubby little hands on this mythical card. All of the net dealers are taking orders, but no delivery info seems to be available. I trotted over to Universals web-site just to read the spec's again, and it said :
"For example, Powered Plug-Ins will allow for a VST/Nuendo project with 32 audio tracks to have 36 EQ's, 16 compressors and 3 RealVerb Pro effects, all open simultaneously. And this scenario still leaves additional capacity on the UAD-1 processor! Remember, with Powered Plug-Ins - even with a project of this complexity - it does not put a burden on the DAW's host processor. Also, all Powered Plug-Ins offer real-time parameter smoothing for zipper- and click-free automation. We also build in "Ultra Dither" at every stage for ultra low noise processing. The power of our DSP allows us to add these "extras" which result in a very real benefit to the user: outstanding sound quality."
I get aroused just reading about it!!! I have NO life... :roll:


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atlasproaudio Mon, 06/18/2001 - 05:51

The picture of the card and what the packaging looks like has been put up on our website today.

UPDATE: 6/18/01
We have been told that the UAD-1's will not be shipped to dealers until Mid July.

As you mentioned preorders are being taken for the card. We are taking preorders to guarantee that you can get one when they ship out. For more information go here:

Best Regards,
Nathan Eldred
Atlas Pro Audio, Inc.

sturgis58 Mon, 06/18/2001 - 15:03

Hi Nathan, how's sunny FLA? I hafta laugh a little bit...Your site was where I was browsing when I saw that pre-orders were being taken. Thanx for the extra peek at that bad boy. I cannot wait, it'll make my Nuendo tracking ever so much more fruitful, to say the least. See ya in July!! :p