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hello everyone, myself and a mate have finally decided that we can set up a "proper" studio, so we have a room that we can convert permanently into said studio. Now we are wondering if we really need to have a seperate vocal booth or not? We can probably find the space for it if we need to but we thought it would be advisable to get a spot of advice from the people who know a bit more than a couple of old gits who think they know a bit! Any help / advice wouldbe greatly appreciated cheers.Just found that there is a forum on vocal booths but we are on a majorly tight budget so i think that this is the correct forum for this post thanks again.

TeddyG Wed, 08/10/2005 - 05:57

A vocal booth is a good thing to have. Should at least be cheaper/simpler to set up a small room as a dead - even sound-proofed space than a large studio. Vocals are probably "the" thing you'll work on the most anyway and having a nice dead space to do them in - with someone being able to sit at the controls, outside, listening to the monitors at the same time can be very helpful. Of course the booth can(And will) be used for lots of sources, not just vocals. And, if you ever do "voiceover"(Money's money!), you'll like having it available.

And, while we all likely "float" around the forum, the "vocal booth" section IS the place where the folks who use them will most likely see and can comment on your "vocal" posts...