what set up do I need for recording? no booth...open space.

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Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 11/29/2006 - 20:07

I have decided that building a vocal booth in my studio room.
is a waste of money and time.

I live in the basement of my parents house.
nice lil room connected to my bedroom.
two doors...one for living/bedroom kitchen area and one for washroom.
It's pretty quite in my room...quiet enough to record rap/hip hop
lyrics with head phones/microphone.

if you could help me out with my questions...would be great.

what set up do I need to be able to record lyrics with the beat
playing through head phones...without having any chance
of some loud computer sound or eardrum cracking sound
going off as me or whoever is recording?

my ears going def or getting a constant ring or hiss
is one of my worst nightmares!
that is why I never mess around with headphones on my PC.
cause the mics I have used in the past...were not the best...
and I have heard some of the worst mind f***in sounds
come out of the computer...like high pitch sounds...
dropping mic ect. feels to sketchy to plug headphones into the computer...with the set up I have right now...

I am also going to be spending $500 on a new quality microphone.
looking for a mic...that is pro quality for recording rap/hip hop lyrics.
the type of microphone that catches the closest sound.

I don't want some starter kit mic. I want the best for $500
or 400 to 500 dollar range. I know there is not one all
time perfect microphone in that category...cause so many
people have different tastes. I'm just wondering...
what are the cream of the crop great choice microphones
in the 400-500 category?

I have a mpc 4000 and a triton keyboard. $200 dollar
base thumping speakers and $80 creative computer speakers.

I have named the mpc and triton..
just in case you have any other idea's (not for boasting purposes)

what would I need to go with the head phones
and microphone to start recording clean lyrics?
without the worry of wack computer noises
messin with my ear...or mic picking up ear
shattering sounds?

I have a pretty good sound card.
when I record melodies into the computer
through audio cables using triton...the sound is the same
when I play it back over the computer.

the thing I like about recording through the computer.
is the fast quick non time consuming edits.
being able to erase what you don't want
at the drop of a dime.

if you could help me. would be great. thanx. much love.