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Can any recommend a software for cubase 4 or 5 compatability to do synthesizing effects on drum and vocal analog recorded tracks. robic sounding vocal stuff and cool drum intro stuff etc. I downloaded a demo version of Alchemy(?) but couldn't figure out how to get it to do this even though they say it can. They have a cool demo video. I am new to midi and soft synths so that probably explains alot! I bought a m-audio oxy 49 to start. I think I want more of the effect and backing capabilities as I'm probably not talented enough to creat a full legnth song fully digital that someone would like to listen to (maybe someday) but I love the vocal synth stuff and I think a synth'd drum track would make a killer intro. Thanks for the suggestions and include pricing and where to get it if you know. I would like to get something ordered Monday for my "studio revamp project" I'm starting this week.

sorry for the short undetailed question but I don't have much time to time and think ya'll understand what I mean.