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Okay so i have windows 7 ultra and Cubase 5 and Fl Studio 8..... i can record with my Tascam us1641 audio interface...buuuuuttt the tracker/seeker that shows where your playin in the song is like at least 7 bars ahead..... so when i push play i have to wait 7 bars before it will play the beginning..... which makes it impossible for multiple tracks or re-recording.... so my new theory! Windows 7 has a feature called Virtual XP... its like having another OS but windowed .... so i installed Cubase 5 and FL Studio 8 on the virtual xp and they work great..... but now my Tascam wont install...... it runs off the cd and it starts to install the drivers but when it says "if your device is not already connected please connect it now" i plug my tascam in and it doesnt read anything then comes up with a "timeout Error 0x0005" i did some research and found out you have to click "USB" on the top blue bar in virtual xp and run your usb devices that war... but the tascam doesnt even show up.... its as if its never plugged in.... but i can go back to windows 7 and it will show up and everything works no problem.... im stumped... ide rather just get it to work with windows 7 if you could figure out how to keep the tracker accurate.... Oh and i right clicked on the program and changed the compatibility to Windows XP SP3... and nothing changed.... UGH Help please and sorry for the huge post.... Thanks for reading......and look forward to hearing from someone!


mikerotten Sat, 06/05/2010 - 19:34

but it doesnt record late..... everything works fine but.... the tracker is off and i have to wait about 7 measures after i push play to hear the beggining of the if i wanted to come in on measure 26... i would have to click 15 and wait until i hear the song play and then record.... i dunno it just gets confusing... especially seeing the wave image and it being 7 measures behind that lol............ and i right clicked on the program shortcut and went to compatability and changed it to windows XP SP2 and now its only about 1 or 2 measures ahead rather than 7

TheJackAttack Sat, 06/05/2010 - 19:42

It sounds like you don't have your computer tweaked very well for audio. Check the sticky at the top of the computer forum and especially the black viper web site tweaks. Or google Black Viper Windows 7.

The virtual machine issue is that is running within a different OS and is then double processing the data. Or maybe not depending on the porting of the virtual machine.