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I'm new to this site and would greatly appreciated some word clock help
I have a 2 motu 2408MKII's that have been the master and two presonus digimax's as slaves via word clock in on one Digimax, daisy chained to the 2nd Digimax via a 6" cable. I just purchased a Focusrite ISA428, 4 channel preamp. What would be the best way to incorporate this into my setup. I've heard somewhere the Focusrite would be a great master? I also can purchase a LucidX6-96 master clock if this is a solution.


Michael D'Agostino
Intuitive Music

Scoobie Sun, 10/15/2006 - 18:09

Apogee C777, Big Ben is one of the best word clock generator's. The cost is up there , but is worth it. If trying to sync alot of things together, Big Ben will do it.


Kev Mon, 10/16/2006 - 00:52

iClock from Mutec could be a possible

iCLOCK is a synchronizable, high-precision clock synthesizer which is designed to be the reference in digital audio and video studios as well as broadcast stations.

could be good for the more complex audio systems where some offset is required to cater for different equipment
very cool for the video boys

I've never used one so don't ask me about software and settings.
I'm just giving a heads-up !