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Okay, so we're running a Focusrite 428 into our DigiDesign 002 Rack VIA a newly-installed A/D converter card in the 428.

Immediately we had jittering out the wazoo.

We quickly fixed that by setting the DigiDesign to slave to the 428.

Which Clock is better, in your opinion? We couldn't get the Focusrite to slave to the DigiDesign anyway, but assuming we could, is that what we should do? Or is slaving to the 428 the better way to go?

Is buying a completely external Word Clock the best answer? Or do we run it how we have it set up at the moment?

Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. Preferably with no comments about the "Prosumer" quality of our gear. We're just getting started...

Opus2000 Sat, 09/10/2005 - 19:26

When you send digital to a device that receiving device "has to" clock from the source.

The reason for your jittering, or incorrect clocking, was that the 002 has to clock to the focusrite. That's actually what you want.

You can't set the 002 to internal when you are sending it digital signals.

No need to for an external clock. Focusrite as master and 002 as slave to it!

Simple as that

Opus :D

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51 years 4 months

MigrantRecords Sat, 09/10/2005 - 22:33

Thank you very much for the prompt and informative reply.

I've heard relatively good things about the 428 A/D converters, and it sounds great to me (once we got the jittering out, of course...), but is a Word Clock from another independent source optimal? What's the ideal situation...?

You were right: once we had the 002 slave to the 428, everything sounded great. I just want to make sure everything's sounded as good as possible (within reason, using mostly the equipment we already have... :D)

Thanks again, and if anyone else has further advice or suggestions, please let me know...!!

Opus2000 Sun, 09/11/2005 - 08:20

A dedicated word clock box is used primarily for when you have multiple devices that all need to be clocked syncronously.

Since you only have one device that has word clock, the 428, you won't need one. Sure you could get one but that's not necessary. Save yourself some money for a mic or some plug ins or something of that nature.

I'm sure that the sound would be the same if you had an external clock device.

Using the 428 as the master clock is just fine!

Make some music and have fun now!

Opus :D