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why do I get a disc error when draging files from my recording drive to a 2 gig jaz drive.

The only whey it will work is if I open the session up in Pro Tools and then copy save the
entire session into the Jaz drive?
wondering if FWB would help if I reformated the discs.


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anonymous Thu, 09/07/2000 - 05:45

I'll never trust Jaz discs again !
One particular disc drove me crazy a few months ago, by never mounting. The data
was ProTools sessions backup, and I had 2 songs on it !!
Last week, I gave it a hopeless try ... and it worked !!! Too bad: the album is now mixed and released!! I hate Jaz !

For your particular problem, rebuild desktop and zap Pram if it's not done yet ..
Can you copy from Jaz to HD ? If you can't, maybe your Jaz sould be reformatted
(low-level unnecessary).

Good luck.

audiokid Thu, 09/07/2000 - 22:31

found the answer!
I asked this question on the DUC and dc answered it dead on. I tried it and no problems now. Also read DON"T LOW LEVEL THEM!

Emailed Danny to ask him to support RO but his email didn't work so I'm putting on myself.

dc wrote:

I can't understand why Iomega says they are Ultrawide - yet ship them with 50pin connectors. I've never seen a wide device which didn't have a 72 pin connector.

You really don't have to initialize a Jaz with FWB to avoid finder crashes. You can use FWB to "force mount" HDT drivers. Put the jaz in, open HDT, select the jaz in devices, hold opt-command, click on dismount (twice, I don't know why you have to do this with Jaz), let go of opt-command, mount drive.

The jaz disk will then operate with FWB drivers and won't give you that annoying crash when copying to/from other FWB drives.


anonymous Tue, 10/17/2000 - 05:35


I remember that dc quote. Using that info, I forcemounted my FWBed jazz disks, then reformatted with the apple drivers (Special ->Erase Disk -> Reformat). From that point on transfering data to the jazz was no longer a problem. The only thing extra I do now is make sure the Desktop Directory is built properly before I use them. Alsoft's Diskwarrior is what I use for that. The same thing applies with ORB drives. Thanks to the advice from Noiz2 from the DUC, I do the same thing with those disks.

About the 50 pin vs. 72 pin thing. I wondered the same thing so I placed the jazz at the end of the SCSI chain on my ATTO card. It didn't work any better than the narrow, built-in SCSI. In fact, it seemed slower.

Thanks for RO,



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