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One Last Song

Hi folks,

I posted a month or two back about how I'm getting back into recording. Well, I finally have a rough mix ready for your ears! This is a song I wrote a few years back. The mix still needs a lot of work, and there are a couple small parts I am going to re-record, but I think it's at the point now where it can benefit from some peer feedback. Let me know what you think. General impressions, and also the finer details. The more in depth the better! 

I'm specifically wondering:

Got our mastering transfer console finished

We have been working on this for the past two and a half years and it is finally finished. My tech wiz, Rhys Davies, built the whole unit himself and wired it. We had lot of changes along the way but it works GREAT and we got exactly what we wanted. S/N -95.5 dBM, Distortion .0005%, Frequency Response 20 t0 20 KHz +/- .5 dB. It is built in an old "industrial control unit" shell that we got from the surplus store. It is built using the  MTC board from here

Quick and Dirty Recording

I had to fix my computer - lost the licences in a silly mistake, so to check all was back up and running - I tried recording some stuff and it sort of turned into a song - The only mics I'd not taken to the other studio were two very old Shures - SM61 and 63 - both omnis. quite a bit of wind noise and a bit poppy, but not really much I could have done without going and getting some stuff. The only bass I had available was the Hofner violin style Chinese guitar I had (and like). It sort of stretched and morphed. It does have a catchy chorus though......



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