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I just tried a search on this and could find virtually no comments, which makes me curious why nobody discusses. but I'm wondering if anyones used any Alan Smart gear and what they think of it.


With what their charging for this botique brand, I'd hope its a good product, yet nobody here ever talks about this brand. I also wasnt able to find any magazine reviews of their stuff. yet Alan Smart seems to advertise their stuff in the back of all the major magazines.

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Guest Tue, 01/11/2005 - 08:36

The Smart Research C-2 is a staple of existance in our room... though it's styled after the SSL bus compressor from the "G" series SSL desks, I have found it quite a bit more musical and useful.

If you're looking for that SSL (rather aggressive) bus compression sound, the C-2 and the API 2500 seem to be able to do it in a way more "audiophile" [a.k.a. not as 'grainy' sounding] manner than the SSL.

Personally I have found the C-2 to be an invaluable tracking tool. From bass to vocals, from room mics to drawing out the sustain on a guitar solo the C-2 is a remarkable tool.

In mixing I have found it almost essential on a parallel compression bus for drums. With a slow attack, quick release and the "Crush" mode engaged I have found that I can get drums to just explode out of the speakers.

As always... YMMV.