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Microphone patterns


What is the difference between cardioid and omnidirectional?

Omnidirectional microphones are microphones that hear everything that's going on around them. They are equally sensitive to sound from all directions. ... Cardioid microphones “listen” to sound from the front and reject sound from the rear.

What are the 3 types of microphone pickup patterns?

There are three basic types: omnidirectional, unidirectional and bidirectional (also called figure-of-eight)

What does pattern mean on a microphone?

Directionality refers to the sensitivity relative to the direction or angle of sound arriving at the microphone. Directionality is usually plotted on a graph referred to as a polar pattern. A polar pattern graph shows the variation in sensitivity as you move 360 degrees around the microphone

What are different types of microphone?

Dynamic Microphones.
Large Diaphram Condensor Microphones.
Small Diaphram Condensor Microphones.
Ribbon Microphones.