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Hello, hopefully someone here knows the answer to my question.

I'm currently digitizing sVHS tapes using JVC VHS player, together with 'Elgato Video Capture' software.

I'm having the same consistent problems with all the tapes that say "ADAT" on them. All of them do not have any picture or sound. Tape is spinning, but 'No Signal' keep blinking on the screen.

Can ADAT tapes be played in a regular VHS player? If so, why am I not getting any signal from the tape?

If not, how can I digitize these tapes?

Thanks so much!

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Kapt.Krunch Wed, 04/05/2023 - 02:46

ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape) recordings are already digital. VHS is analog. ADAT tapes were used to record multi-track (8-tracks, etc.) of digital audio, and cannot be read with a standard VHS (or sVHS) deck IF recorded as ADAT. Although the same tape type may be used for both purposes, a VHS-recorded video tape cannot be read by an ADAT machine.

If anything was recorded as multitrack digital audio on those tapes, then the only way to use them would be in an ADAT machine.